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The latest studio pix! These were taken when recording Futurepast. All pics by Power Symphony.

guest drummer Giorgio at work fot the Manowar Cover

Busy MeNtal Goddess


Michela and guest bass player Steve during the recordings of "Blood of my enemies"

These pix were taken during the recording of Lightbringer... Enjoy! All pics by Power Symphony unless noted.

Pic by Bianca Saviane

Pic by Bianca Saviane

Pic by Bianca Saviane

Pic by Bianca Saviane

Marco and Micky posing for the Studio Report... Mmm... No Comment...
Pic by Joey Severance

Joey Vera (producer) and his "pet" Elvis Vera... People are strange sometimes!

Joey making sure the bass is alright (or showing off maybe?) :-)

Always Joey showing off his latest endorsment: Vera water. Ha!

Hey, no wonder the earphones got broken soon after this pic!

Joey, are you sure it's gonna sound better if you stretch the neck?

Fabio and Joey recording the bass lines. "Sounds good!"

Again the two bassists.. "Same punch!"

When he said "No dinner until the mixes are over!", Joey Severance, Pavement Europe's big boss, did not realize that at 2am he would be starving to death...

Now, how on Earth could Michela's bra go all the way there?

It's almost over! Micky and Joey S. are very happy!

These pics are from the studio sessions of Evillot at Flying Studio (Gravellona Toce, VB, Italy).

Marco (sitting at the computer) and Denny Tabotta (sound engineer).

Denny Tabotta (sitting at the computer), Marco (lurking on his back) and Roberto "Thunder" Dussi (acting like an idiot ;^)

Michela and Giuseppe Dellapina during the rehearsals before the recording of "Inferno Suite".