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Something about the lyrics of Evillot

By Michela D'Orlando

Although Evillot is not a concept album, what links the songs together is the idea of a journey from glory to hell. Musically and lyrically the album starts with the most epic song and ends with the most dark and gothic one. Each song has a story on its own, but the playlist is meant to tell a tale of changing and turning to the dark side of things.

The opener Battles In The Twilight is a song that Marco and I wrote together some years ago and is one of our oldest. It tells the story of a bard that journeys to distant lands and brings back forgotten songs and tales about glory, changing and power. It's a very epic song and along with Inferno Suite is probabily the most popular of our songs. For a while we where sure "Battles in the twilight" was to be the cd's title - This one contains one of my favorite lines, which is "Those who've been chosen will follow their fate". Just love this bit, makes me think about Power Symphony.

Shores of my land is based on Virgilio's epic poem Eneide. The legend says that after the fall of Troy, the demi-god prince Eneas gathered the survivors and sailed to the shores of Italy. There he and his followers fought a great war against the local Latin people. The song is about my favourite part of the poem, in which prince Turno, head of the Latin's army, understands that his enemy Enea fights with the favour of the gods, leaving the Latins no chances of victory. Turno is my favorite character in the poem; the part in which he fights anyway, though knowing it will be in vain, is one of the most heroic pages I ever read.

Evillot, which of course means evil lot, is the name of the character the song is about. I was reading a book about dark elves when I wrote the first lyrics for this song and this is where the ritual blooding comes from. In my mind Evillot is a evil woman that pledges herself to darkness but then finds out that she still longs for light. This song has a sequel on "Light Bringer" which is called "Never dream of goodness" and maybe the story's not over with that…I don't know yet.

Ever happened to do something very wrong you really regret and waking up hoping is not true?
Curse Of Every Men is about mistakes. Marco wrote the melody of this song and some words. I liked both and I started to work on them, though I couldn't really grasp (sorry Marco!) what those words where about.
But you see, sometimes your own troubles become helpful…I never write or sing anything that doesn't really touch me and that I don't really care about, and all I say is related to me and to my personal experience, but usually I prefer to use symbols and metaphors. This song is an exception because the lyrics are clearly about my mistakes (especially some of them!) and the way I feel about them.

Inferno Suite is the oldest of all Power Symphony's songs. I wrote a first version of a song about Dantes Inferno like ten years ago when I didn't even have a band. None would guess, but the music was inspired by Bathory's song "One rode to Asa Bay" on the album Hammer Heart! In '95 this early version of "Inferno" was recorded on the first and last Power Symphony demo tape. The song had a different refrain then, one I never really liked, though I wrote it myself, and a different bridge. Later I came out with a new refrain which I really liked a lot this time, we added an Intro and when I had the idea of the opera voices, Marco wrote the Dies Irae and a new bridge so Inferno Suite was done and ready to be put on "Evillot". I also changed most of the lyrics and I worked a lot on them. Most of the second voices are real bits of the Dante's Divine Comedy. With Marco's help I found on the Internet about three different English versions of the poem which I read and compared to get the best lyrics out. Hard work, but lot of fun! The song is about me doing the same experience Dante did as described in the Divine Comedy, when guided by the Latin poet Vergelius he made a journey into Hell. Well…I can tell you Hell sucks, especially for a sinner like me, as the song explains!