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    "Power Symphony (...) is one of the best metalband Ive heard. Let the Metal Flame forever burn!" Stefan (Sweden)

    "Hasta Luego ! Metal forever!" Daniel (Venezuela)

    "I just downloaded the mp3 file's, and they are the best i have heard (...) A big HAIL" Sven-Erik (Sweden)

    "Great Stuff, that's the first thing I came to think about when I heard your Mp3's (...) Tell your singer that she's the best singer I've ever heard...!" Anders (Finland?)

    "I downloaded your music and I'll say it's been a very long time since I've heard a band that has impressed me enough to want to purchase their CD. I really like the band, both musically and vocally." Kat (United States)

    "I (..) listened to one of your songs, "Battles In The Twilight", and in my opinion it sounds awsome. It's really very atmospheric music and the vocals are very good, fitting in with the music perfectly! I think I'll have to try to get your album soon. :-)" Daniel (Germany)