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Mpeg Layer III Files (MP3s)

Mother Darkness (unreleased)

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All files are in MP3 (64Kbit/s) format for faster download.

Futurepast (2002)

Blood of my Enemies (1.8 Mb, about 4 min)

Lightbringer (2000)

The Way of the Sword (2.5 Mb, about 5 min 15 sec)
Never Dream of Goodness (Evillot part II) (2.3 Mb, about 5 min)

Evillot (1999)

Battles in the Twilight (3.6 Mb, about 8 min 30 sec)
Evillot (4.0 Mb, about 8 min 30 sec)
Inferno Suite (into the shadowed forest) (0.8 Mb, about 1 min 30 sec)
Inferno Suite (inferno) (3.3 Mb, about 6 min 30 sec)

IMPORTANT: All this material is Copyright © 1998-2002 Power Symphony and their labels. It is intended for personal audition only. Do not make copies of the files! Do not distribute or publish! DO NOT LEECH!

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Note that these files have lower quality in comparison to the original version.

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