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30 Jun 99
Sorry for the recent lack of news... We had a lot going on!
First of all, we've released our newest promo, "Lucifer" to record labels worldwide :) We're receiving very good feedback, so keep tuned for more news on the contract side =)
Secondly, we've played at the Power Fest in Alessandria with White Skull, Projecto and Mesmerize. Great festival! We had a lot of fun!
Next, we're about to add more features to this site, so check regularly for strange things happening around ;)
Lastly, thanks to the very many people who are sending us emails to say they love the CD :) We couldn't go on without you - you know who you are! - but in particular thanks to: Rita & Metal Maidens (for the cover/review/interview on this number), Stefano + Ulisse & Flash, Sandro Buti & Metal Hammer, Gianluca Grazioli & Metal Shock, Battle Helm, Mindview, AltaMira, Gary & Melodic Metal, The Italian Lair and all I forgot :) THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

26 Apr 99
We got the first great review of Evillot!!! Read it on the Nightshade Magazine site. Thanks Oliver!!

26 Apr 99
Our CD is now available on line :):) buy it here!!!

15 Apr 99


Please inform us if you cannot find the CD in your local shop.

14 Apr 99
Great news from the Nuclear Blast Charts!!! We hit #10 as best band and #9 as best album! Again, thanks for your votes and support and keep the votes coming and we'll kick the world to its knees! Click HERE to vote for us.

1 Apr 99
Take a virtual tour of Evillot in the now updated Music section... Nice isn't it?

25 Mar 99
We hit #16 as best band and #18 as best album on the Nuclear Blast Charts!!! Thanks for your votes and support!!!! Please keep the votes coming and we'll kick the world to its knees! Click HERE to vote for us.

24 Mar 99
The first tour dates have been set! This is the list...
WhenWhereOther bandsStatus
28 AprilPow Wow, Milan (I)ExchangeConfirmed
29 AprilCrossroads, Milan (I)ExchangeTo be confirmed
5 MayUnderclub, Milan (I)Godkiller, Cultus SanguineTo be Confirmed
16 MayRockfabrik, Ludwigsburg (D)Rough SilkCANCELED

22 Mar 99
The translation of the Heavy, oder Was!? interview is now on line :):):)

19 Mar 99
The official release date for Evillot has been set to the 15th of April :):):):) Hang on people, Power Symphony are coming!!!!

11 Mar 99
We're on Metal Hammer (IT) as well... :)))

9 Mar 99
The CDs are in print!!! They will be ready in a 2/3 weeks.

26 Feb 99
We've appeared on Aardshock (NL), Metal Shock (IT) and Heavy, oder Was!? (DE).

24 Feb 99
We are extremely proud and happy to announce that Power Symphony and Northwind Records have signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Radiation/Nuclear Blast for our debut Evillot! What else is there to say? :)))

22 Feb 99
Power Symphony is in the news section of Feb/March issue of Italian "Psycho" magazine! Check out what writer Daniele Monaco thinks about our singer ;^)

11 Feb 99
Northwind has acquired the rights of Luis Royo's "Honey from the shadows" for use as Power Symphony's "Evillot" cover! See the images section for a sneak preview of "Honey from the shadows".

01 Feb 99
We have acquired the domain! Watch out for great improvements in the near future, such as an improved chat (thanks to NB chat friends ;), guestbook, polls and more.

18 Jan 99
We've added the new chat section!. Talk with us in real time! Go there NOW!

12 Jan 99
On Monday, Power Symphony went to Flying Studios in Gravellona Toce (Italy) to start the recoding sessions of their new promo CD, which will be ready at the beginning of March. Three unreleased songs will be recorded, entitled "Lucifer", "Gethsemane" and "A song of men". The promo CD will be made available to recording labels and selected press only.

8 Jan 99
We just launched our Evillot Now! campaign to promote our new CD! Put our little button on your homepage and get every metal head out there to listen to our music!

7 Jan 99
We got a new server! Many thanks to Inferentia for the bandwith!!! We also added the lyrics of the upcoming CD on the lyrics page.

29 Dec 98
MP3s of our songs are up!!!! Go get them NOW!

28 Dec 98
After a very long pregnancy, the new site is up! Hope you like it :)

18 Dec 98
At the end of November, Power Symphony have signed a record contract with NorthWind Records (Italy). Their debut CD, entitled "Evillot", will be on the shelves by the end of January. The track list is: Battles in the Twilight, Shores of my Land, Evillot, The Curse of Every Man, Inferno Suite (Into the Shadowed Forest), Inferno Suite (Inferno), I am the bard.