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18 Dec 2004
MERRY XMAS 2004!!!

Hello fellow metallers, a small note to say we are still alive and kicking, and to give you a small present.
We've published on the site a small preview of our (yet unreleased) new CD Mother Darkness!
What you will find:
  • The MP3 of "Only the Worthy", a power metal song in the style of "The Way of the Sword"!
  • The MP3 of "Crown of Thorns", our heavyest song so far!
  • The video for "Crown of Thorns"!
    To get to the songs follow this link.

    What else? We've tons of news - no contract yet, we are disappointed to say - but we will publish them as things move along.

    If you like our new songs, please say so in our forum! We have a thriving community of fans which will be very happy to hear from you!

  • 10 May 2003

    Power Symphony will perform tonight at

    Via Matteotti 14
    Arona (No)

    It will be a one of a kind show, a warm up gig for the next set dates.
    Silence will be opening!
    So what are you waiting for? BE THERE!!!


    25 Apr 2003
    Power Symphony announced today their new live dates for May, 2003. Supporting bands will be Fuori Uso and Ahrcana. "We are very proud to do these gigs" commented Marco Cecconi, guitarist "since this represents our comeback to the live scene since 2001!". The concerts will also be the chance to introduce the new line up to the public, after the new drummer Mauro De Brasi joined the band, and original bass player Daniele Viola came back.
    The shows will feature songs from their latest EP Futurepast and two songs from the upcoming new full-length Mother Darkness.

    May 18th, 2003
    Sitting Bull - Certosa di Pavia - Italy
    Power Symphony + Fuori Uso

    May 21st, 2003
    Black Hole - Milano - Italy
    Power Symphony + Ahrcana

    May 30th, 2003
    Transilvania - Milano - Italy
    Power Symphony + Fuori Uso

    19 Mar 2003
    Power Symphony members Michela D'Orlando and Marco Cecconi will be appearing on Italy's biggest soap opera, "Vivere". The episode will be premiered on May 16th on Italy's Canale 5 at 12 noon CET. The two Power Symphony members will be playing the part of metal heads going to a concert, and Marco Cecconi will have a non-speaking role, scaring off one of the main characters. "The show looks really cheesy and 80's", commented Michela, "so we thought it would be cool to take part and have a good laugh!". Extracts from the episode will be featured on the Power Symphony site when available.

    18 Mar 2003
    Power Symphony have been featured in an article for! Here's an extract from the article found at
    James Graves writes: "Admiration for others must, by nature, be limited. As we acknowledge the strengths of those around us, so we admit our own faults. Admiration is the respect of the weaker for those more proficient--the water-bound fish for the amphibious frog, the fledgling guitarist for the legend on Mtv, and countless more. Similarly, I admire a select number of people, one of whom is Michela D'Orlando, the vocalist of the Italian band Power Symphony. I greatly respect her individuality, integrity, and nobility."

    4 Feb 2003
    Hello folks!
    A number of news have piled up so I'll get to the point :-)
    • We've finished the new album, and it's just the best!!! Killer, killer, killer! We're chatting with various record companies now to get it licensed.
    • The video is done, too. Great work, LowLifeMedia! As soon as the finished version gets here I'll post a copy for download.
    • In case you didn't notice, a MP3 from 'futurepast' is now downloadable from the music section. GET IT!
    • We're looking for dates! If you know of a place we can play, get in contact with us, and we will come!

    25 Nov 2002
    After just completing tracking the new LP "Mother Darkness" Power Symphony will shoot a new video (the second for the band) working again with Dutch agency LowLifeMedia, scheduled on November 30th and December 1st, for the new killer track "Crown of thorns". More details to come as we know them, so check back during the week!

    20 Nov 2002
    Hello people!
    We've just finished tracking the new album on Sunday Nov. 17th and we are exausted but extremely happy with the result!!

    Our producer, Brian Griffin, will be mixing the LP at Qualitone Studios in Chicago, IL, early next month.

    That's all for now!

    23 Oct 2002
    Hello! The long awaited EP "Futurepast" will be in the stores soon!!!
    Release dates:
    Nov, 15th - World except Italy
    Jan, 1st - Italy

    30 Sep 2002
    Hello people! As in our tradition, here's a chance to interact with Power Symphony! Make us play what you like!

    During the upcoming recording session for the new LP (announced below) we will also record 2 cover songs, which will be included as bonus-tracks in particular editions of the album. They might be included where we sell particular licenses or in collector's editions, etc...

    So, we've chosen a few we like and now is your turn to vote! Just go on the main page and choose your favorite from the list!

    Again, don't miss this chance to say what you think. We care!

    24 Sep 2002

    Hello metalheads! Power Symphony are proud to announce their third full-length, tentatively titled "Mother Darkness". The CD will include 8-tracks: "Mother Darkness", "Wonder Child", "Crown of Thorns", "Only the Worthy", "Seeds of Glory", "The World of Beast and Man (Evillot prequel)", "Infinite Machine" and "Nine Moons".
    Production duties will be handled by Brian Griffin (Malevolent Creation, SOiL...). Recording will take place at Flying Studio (Italy) in November/December.
    Power Symphony also announced today the line up to record the LP: Michela D'Orlando (vocals), Marco Cecconi (guitars), Mauro De Brasi (drums), Daniele Viola (bass) and Nicola Conte (additional guitars).
    Daniele Viola previously recorded with the band on their first release "Evillot".
    The LP will be available for licensing and distribution through the band's own Evillot Records and Production.

    24 May 2002
    Futurpast it's ready! It will be out in september and will contain 2 new songs (preproductions for the next full-lenght), Manowar cover "Blood of my enemies" and 2 bonus tracks from our remastered old 1995 demo tape!

    Track list:
    1. Nine Moons (2001)
    2. Infinite Machine (2001)
    3. Blood of my enemies (2002)
    Bonus tracks:
    4. Army of saints (1995)
    5. Mother Moon (1995)

    Very rich CD-rom track, containing the full version of "The way of the sword" video clip, an extensive (very extensive!) photo gallery with about 100 (!) old and new pics, mostly never previously released by press or on our official site, covering (and uncovering!) more then 5 years of Power Symphony live and studio activity and more!!!

    Following the (so) many requests of all our fans "Futurepast" promotion will include Futurepast T-shirts and other merchindise, that will be available as soon as the EP is released in Italy (and licesed in other countries).

    The cover and artwork had been hadled by artwork genius Seempieces Travis Smith (Death, Iced Earth, Nevermore, King Diemond) that once again excedeed our best expectations!

    So...Waiting for Futurepast to be released in your country, enjoy this exclusive preview and the up-dated sections of the site!

    13 Feb 2002
    Tabs section added to the site! Go to the page and download for free.
    Contributions are welcome!

    4 Feb 2002
    Hello Metal Maniacs!

    You can now download the video of our interview on Match Music's Terremoto. You can choose between high (around 10 Mb) and low (around 3 Mb) resolution. Files are Windows Media format. The video is 5m19s long.

    The interview is in Italian, but we'll try to put subtitles as soon as possible.

    Thanks to Danielle Reymond for recording the show on tape!

    24 Jan 2002
    Hallo Powerheads!
    Some great last minute news here...
    Tomorrow from 17.00 to 18.00 (CET) Power Symphony will be on the TV heavy metal show Terremoto on Match Music channel. It's a TELE+ satellite channel, here's a link (in italian, sorry, but it's an italian channel).
    It's the first time Power Symphony appear on a TV heavy metal show, and our video "The way of the sword" will be broadcast as well on TV for the first time, so we're very happy!
    We have been invited only 2 days ago, but it's confirmed just now, so...Not much time to tell you, or for us to have an idea of the show!!!
    It will be a little adventure as usual...We'll tell you all about it later of course...:-)))

    8 Nov 2001
    Hallo Powerheads!
    Finally good news on the new release side finally!!!


    First of all we joined in with many other bands for the release of a Manowar Tribute. We'll be recording at "Flying Studio" in Gravellona Toce at the beginning of December. The cover we chose for the tribute is "Blood of my enemy" which we like a lot! There will be some surprises, because Nick from White Skull will join Marco at guitars, bass guitar will be done by Steve from Anthenora a quite known Iron Maiden cover band, and drumms will be done by Mario Giannini from Node. I hope you'll enjoy our version of this classic!


    More great news for all our fans is that we'll be releasing a very special EP very soon! It will contain a couple of new songs, some surprises (like instrumental left over from Lightbringer, CD rom track, our video of "The way of the sword") and for the ultimate collector fan, YES, our very first (and only) demo tape, that lots and lots of fans have been asking about, featuring our oldest material and the very first (and crude!) version of "Inferno suite" that was called just Inferno at that time.
    It's almost certain that the title will be "Futurepast" and it will give you a real glimpse into the musical future and past of this band...We're also thinking of a quite surprising booklet, you'll see...:-))))))

    17 Sep 2001
    First of all, we would like to express our shock for the terrible tragedy that struck NYC and DC. It's a wound inflicted to the whole world.

    We have started receiving answers from the labels. Hopefully we will start negotiations soon! More on this later - stay tuned.

    We are auditioning for the new line up for the next CD - be prepared for some interesting news in the near future!

    On a more personal note, we would like to greet all the fans we met at the Vader/Cryptopsy/Dying Fetus show last friday. Thanks for all the support in this time of change!

    31 Aug 2001
    Michael Goncharov writes: "Dear members of "Power Symphony"!
    We would like to inform you about the fact of existence of a Russian web page regarding your group. We are big fans of your music and we would like the Russian metal-fans to know about the existence of your group. The web page is created in the frames of «Russian Fantasy Music Club» project».
    This project is created in order to inform Russian fans about the leading groups, the music and lyrics of which are based on fantasy and ancient mythology (we mostly work with "metal" style of music)."

    28 Aug 2001
    Sorry for the recent lack of news. Power Symphony is negotiating a new contract at the moment, so - check often this page for news. At the moment we cannot reveal any detail.

    In October, Marco Cecconi will be producing a promo for a new band, called "Fuori Uso". The style is Glam Metal (Motley Crue, Guns'n'Roses...).

    28 May 2001
    The Way of the Sword video NOW AVAILABLE! GET IT HERE!

    21 Mar 2001
    Power Symphony is officially NO LONGER SIGNED to Pavement Records and is looking for a new deal. Due to many problems internal to Pavement USA and Pavement Europe, the band left the label in November '00. The band has a new promo ready and is working on its third release.

    Power Symphony's first release "Evillot" has been recently published in USA by Pavement Records.

    Power Symphony's first video clip "The way of the sword" is finished and ready to hit Metal TV shows and the internet. The video was filmed in Italy by LowLifeMedia (Netherlands).

    5 Feb 2001
    It is official that Marco Volpe, keyboards, has decided to leave the band!
    We are NOT looking for a replacement, so expect much less keyboards on the next record. We choose not to have a keyboard anymore to have a heavyer, 100% metal sound.

    Secondly, we've left Pavement records, and we are currently looking for a contract. We should have a new promo ready by the middle of Feb.
    Don't worry about the release of Evillot in the USA (scheduled Feb 27th), our split with Pavement has got nothing to do with it!

    Next, the video of The Way of the Sword is almost ready, we should be getting an almost finished copy in a matter of days.

    "The Lot", the official Power Symphony fan club is almost ready to go (they're trying to have it up and going by March 1st), as they tell me...
    The website of the fan club ( will be designed by one of Italy's top designers, Simone Biffi (

    We have many more things "boiling in the cauldron", but you'll have to wait a few days!

    8 Jan 2001
    5 new pix posted here! Includes never seen before pictures of Lino's arse, hahahaha (be warned!)

    2 Dec 2000
    Michela wrote her Power Symphony VIDEO REPORT! Go see our ugly faces NOW!!! :-)

    21 Nov 2000
    The shootings of "The way of the sword" video clip are done, and everything went just straight and fine. Lot of hard work but also lot of fun! Handled by LowLifeMedia Agency (Holland), the video should hit heavy metal shows, mags and the internet in January 2001.

    A video report with lots of behind the sceenes pictures (courtesy of LowLifeMedia) will be ready soon for you on the site, while our upcoming fan club staff shoot a "making of" that will be edited and posted on our video section as soon as possible, so whatch out for lot of new stuff on this site!

    11 Nov 2000
    Power Symphony will be shooting the video of "The Way of the Sword" on November, 18/19. The location of the video will be Castel Baradello, and the production will be handled by LowLifeMedia.

    17 Oct 2000
    Four official desktop wallpapers have been posted here. GRAB ONE ALREADY! :-)

    14 Oct 2000
    Starting on October 16th Power Symphony will launch the video section of the site.
    Clips including band members' profile, interviews, and questions sent by fans, will be added weekly up to late December, when "the way of the sword" full length video will be presented here. All clips will be available in Real Video format and MPEG format.

    A special clip will be dedicated to answering what YOU GUYS want to know about Power Symphony and the media never told you!

    You can immediately start sending your questions by filling the form you find at this page.

    Let's have some fun, feel free to ask whatever you want to any member of the band or to the band in general and you'll be getting a totally true and uncensored answer!!!

    10 Oct 2000
    Thirty-four (34!) new pics posted (including some from our minitour of last spring). Click here to see them.

    9 Oct 2000
    We've got some great stuff in stock for you here!

    First of all, Power Symphony will be shooting a video for "The way of the sword" from Lighbringer album in November. More informations about the video will be available here shortly, so check back reguralry in the next weeks to know more about this.

    Second, the band is hard at work shooting short clips for the up-coming new site section dedicated to file format videos for you to download.

    A special clip will be dedicated to answering what YOU GUYS want to know about Power Symphony and coudn't find into any inteview up to now.

    28 Jul 2000
    New on the site:
    * New look! The navigation is easier and the pages should load faster.
    * Member profiles are now on line.
    * Site search engine now on line.
    * Something about the lyrics of Evillot. Our singer Michela explains her thoughts behind the lyrics of our debut CD Evillot.
    * NAPSTER is shut down? Here's a NEW MP3 on line! (as usual FULL LENGTH).

    27 May 2000
    "Lightbringer" is out now in both Europe and USA and up to now the reviews have been mostly smashing!
    This month Lightbringer's been top album on Metal Hammer Israel and Metal Shock (Italy).

    4 May 2000
    30 New pics posted here!

    2 Apr 2000
    A li'l update for live.
    20 April - Temple of the Dog - Pragone Pietra de Giorgi (PV)
    21 April - Demos - Vicenza
    22 April - Pub 4 Assi - None (TO)
    See you there!

    1 Apr 2000
    New release dates for LIGHTBRINGER!
    APRIL 10th - Europe excl. Germany
    APRIL 28th - Germany
    MAY 2nd - North & South America

    We still don't know the dates for Japan sorry! :-P

    On the live side, Pavement is hard at work setting up touring details, but we should do a European tour and an American tour before the end of 2000!
    In the meanwhile, here's the updated tour dates for Italy:
    APRIL 21st - TEMPLE OF THE DOG - Pragone Pietra de Giorgi (PV)
    APRIL 22nd - PUB 4 ASSI - None (TO)
    MAY - Suzzara (PV)

    15 Mar 2000
    Some new live dates for Power Symphony:
    24 March - Jack Biker's - Vigevano (PV) - Italy
    21 April - Temple of the Dog - Pragone Pietra De Giorgi (PV) - Italy
    22 April - 4 Assi Pub - None (TO) - Italy
    See you there!

    28 Feb 2000
    News released by Pavement Music :-)
    POWER SYMPHONY will have their Pavement Music debut "Lightbringer" released shortly. This band is simply amazing! What makes them so special you may ask? What separates them from other female fronted outfits? Simply stated: Michela D'Orlando. Unlike other female fronted bands, Michela was not a "pop" singer. The band didn't discover her singing nice songs in some tiny club. Michela is a one women metal maniac! That's right folks,dont be fooled by nice pop singers pretending to be metal maniacs, here is the real thing. For a sample of the track "The Way Of The Sword" from the Joey Vera (Armored Saint/Fates Warning) produced Lightbringer CD go to their website located here:

    7 Jan 2000
    Hello there, here's a little news update for ya!
    Extensive European touring is being planned for 2000! Stay tuned for more news!!!

    We've put up the opener for Light Bringer, titled "The Way of the Sword" - full length - MP3 on our site!!! GO GRAB IT NOW!

    New pics from the studio sessions of Light Bringer are up!!

    Some warm up gigs are being scheduled at the moment:
    Highlord + Power Symphony 13/2/2000 Crossroads (Pavia, Italy)Power Symphony + Guest 19/2/2000 Riciclo (Mantova, Italy)

    There have been a few changes in the line up recently (again!).
    We have a new drummer, Lino Sistu, who previously played in Node

    1 Dec 1999
    Lightbringer is done! The recording took all of our efforts, and rest assured that new CD is a real killer!
    Joey Vera has been really wonderful and professional, we are looking forward to work once more in the future with him.
    The mastering will be done soon (next couple of weeks).
    Expect a new song on the site by Christmas.

    5 Nov 1999
    Hello everybody! Some good news for you today.
    We have a new bass player. His name is Fabio Iannone and he previously played in Mind Flyer.
    Also we've finished composing the new material for Lightbringer, our second effort.
    Here are the tracks:
    A Song of Men
    Never Dream of Goodness (Evillot Part II)
    The Way of the Sword
    Quest for Knowledge
    The Necromancer.

    Also release dates have been set for Lightbringer:
    March 6 for Europe
    April 4 US

    The cover artwork will be handled with all probability by Travis Smith (he's done Nevermore, Iced Earth, Death just to name a few!).

    30 Sep 1999
    Here's the official press release :):):)

    Milan (Italy), 29 Sep, 1999
    We are proud to announce our signing with Pavement Music USA!
    Our second CD, entitled "Lightbringer" will be recorded in November at Flying Studio in Italy, and will be produced by Joey Vera (bassist of Armored Saint and Fates Warning)!
    The CD will be available in the stores in early 2000.
    This is the partial track listing: Lucifer, Song of men, Gethsemane, Never Dream of Goodness (Evillot part II), The Way of the Sword, Dies Irae.
    This CD will show a definite evolution of Power Symphony towards their unique joining of Power Metal, Epic Metal and Doom/Gothic Metal.
    See our site ( and the Pavement Music site ( for more info.

    Other news:
    There have been a few changes in the line up recently.
    We have a new drummer, Heavy, who previously played in Blackthorn.
    We have a new keyboard player, Marco Volpe.
    Daniele Viola, our bassist has left the band for artistical reasons.
    We are auditioning for a new bass player and also for a second guitar player, stay tuned for news!

    14 Sep 1999
    Power Symphony are signing a record deal with Pavement Music, a great American record company! More details will be available shortly in the official press release! :):):)

    17 Aug 1999
    Yes I know... another month has passed and no news! Ok, don't get pissed off! We're still in the process of getting signed. Rest assured that we are NOT taking long because we don't have a decent offer! We got three very good offers and we have to choose and negotiate =)
    In the meanwhile, please do check often and go take a look at the nine new images I've put up today.

    2 Jul 1999
    Claudio, our former keyboard player, has sent us a letter explaining his split from Power Symphony! See it here!

    See older news