Video Help
  • I want to see the video in MPEG/RealVideo format, but I can't open the file.
    You need a viewer. We can suggest a few links to download viewers.
    MPEG viewers
    Quicktime - Nagware (PC MAC)
    Windows Media Player - Freeware (PC MAC UNIX)

    RealVideo viewer
    RealPlayer 8 Basic - Nagware (PC MAC UNIX)
    Download Instructions - Look for "RealPlayer 8 Basic - is our free player" in the middle of the page, and click on it. Do NOT download Realplayer Plus! That is the commercial version!

  • Poor playback
    Probably your internet connection is too slow to see the video in streaming mode. You need to save it to your hard disk before seeing it.

  • Saving the video to your Hard Disk
    On some systems, the browser is automatically configured to play back videos instead of saving them to Hard Disk.
    Internet Explorer - Right click on icon and choose "Save target as..."

  • Download Problems
    The files are very big, and the downloand might take a long time, depending on your connection.
    We suggest you use a download manager to get the files from our server. Here's a brief list:
    GetRight - Adware (PC)
    HotGrabber - Shareware (MAC)
    GNOME Transfer Manager - GPL (UNIX)
    FormulaWeb - GPL (PC LINUX)

  • What do shareware, nagware, etc... mean, anyway?
    ADWARE - The program is free to use, but you get banners all the time.
    FREEWARE - The program is free to use.
    GPL - The program is free to use and you get the source code to modify it.
    NAGWARE - The program is free to use, but it bothers you all the time with "incentives" to upgrade to the non-free version.
    SHAREWARE - You can use the program, but if you like it you have to pay (sometimes they stop working after the trial period).

    ASTALAVISTA - Search engine to download small freeware programs (cracks) that remove nags and shareware limitations.